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The Benefits Of Fast Food - 1197 Words

Nowadays, more and more people tend to have a healthy lifestyle. A healthy style can make people to get nice body, be energetic, and reduce chances of getting sick. Moreover, good nutrition, daily exercise and, sleeping well are foundations for people being healthy (Clarke, 2013). This marketing plan is about a part of healthy style that is diet. According to guidelines that were established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, people’s diet should contain mostly whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and fat - free or low - fat dairy products (Clarke, 2013). In addition, people should get a certain amount of protein daily. Lean meats such as chicken and turkey, legumes, eggs, and healthy nuts are good sources (Clarke, 2013). However, many†¦show more content†¦dollars in a 2017 report† (Statista, 2017). In current McDonald’s menu, it classify food in several categories, Breakfast, Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Salads, Snacks Sides, Desserts Shakes, Drinks, and McCafe (McDonald’s, 2017). Although as the biggest fast food company in the world, McDonald’s is suffering most of criticisms. Because the food of McDonald’s is unhealthy, and it is called junk food. In 2002, Morgan Spurlock, a documentarian, wants to prove that fast food is the reason why many Americans are being fat. Therefore, he tested with himself. He needed to eat the food of McDonald’s for his diet and continued 30 days. In addition, if the staff of McDonald’s asks him whether choosing the supersize for the food, he must to say yes. Before the test, he found three doctors to check his body and showed how well his body before the test. Moreover, these doctors would be detecting during the test. In the test, he couldn’t walk more than 5,000 steps, approximately two and half miles. As result, Morgan Spurlock got fat, and his body appeared some problems, so that doctors suggested him to stop the test. Eating hamburgers and french fri es every day was not only affecting his healthy, but also affected his mood (Spurlock, 2004). According to above, since McDonald’s is though as the junk food’s representative, but it is the most influential fast food brand, and people cannot completelyShow MoreRelatedFast Food And Enjoy The Benefit1902 Words   |  8 PagesLimit Fast-Food and Enjoy the Benefit Fast food is one of the most popular and most reliable foods in the U.S. Some people consume it once a week and some consume it once a day. It is important to know what they are consuming before they even consume it, and the chances are people don’t even know what they’re really eating. Fast-food may taste delicious but the truth of the matter, it is terrible for your health if abused. It is so popular world-wide, even if you know it is harmful to your body,Read MoreBenefits Of Fast Food And Unhealthy Food1318 Words   |  6 PagesOur nation has become one of the fattest nations in the world. Due to cheap fast food chain restaurants being on every corner, it has made it a lot easier to settle for unhealthy foods to save time. When healthy foods are higher priced than fatty foods then it is time for a change. Obesity is a growing crisis in America, it has become widely accepted. Social media and the food market have been influences in obesity rates today by not shaming the people who chose to put their life at risk. ObesityRead MoreThe Benefits of Reducing the Intake of Fast Food664 Words   |  3 PagesFast food has turned into a diet to millions of people across the world. This is because of the fact that the food is readily available and provided in many business premises along the streets. As one of those individuals who have been addicted to fast food consumption, I have realized the need to change the behavior for the better. There are various benefits of reducing the intake of fast food, strategies and challenges of changing my behavior which will be analyzed. There are three benefits IRead MorePersuasive Speech : The Benefits Of Fast Food1400 Words   |  6 Pagesthey are healthy, but in fact healthy food is not as healthy as it may appear. Are you really going to eat something that’s green? Last time I checked, green means it’s rotten. Nowadays we need something quick. We dont have time to cook something healthy. Fast food is a convenience because we don’t have to prepare it ourselves. The faster you can get high amounts of calories into your body, the more energized and happy you will be. Switching to fast food is not only quick, cheap and easy, butRead MoreEssay about Benefits of Fast Food Restaurants867 Words   |  4 PagesEnglish 22 J. Wharton Benefits of Fast Food Restaurants In the United States, the popularity of fast food restaurants is growing every day. Now days, people can buy a whole meal in fast food restaurants for between 6 to 7 dollars. People consider that fast food restaurants make their life easy and uncomplicated. For instance, if two parents was both working late and their kids was home with dinner not cooked, they could stop at any fast food restaurants to order food for dinner before headingRead More Employment Benefits in the Fast Food Industry Essay2947 Words   |  12 PagesEmployment Benefits in the Fast Food Industry The fast food industry has been expanding rapidly over the past years. It has become a part of our culture. In the book Labour Relations in the Global Fast-Food Industry, Robin Leidner quotes from Eric Schlosser who wrote the popular Fast Food Nation , â€Å"According to one estimate, there are approximately 2.5 million fast-food workers in the United States, making them the country’s largest group of low-paid workers (Leidner 11). Those 2.5 millionRead More The Sociat Costs and Benefits of a Fast Food Industry Essay687 Words   |  3 PagesThe Sociat Costs and Benefits of a Fast Food Industry There are many social benefits to a fast food industry. Firstly, it’s the accessibility and convenience of having the fast food restaurants – they’re located practically everywhere. The service is also fast, hence â€Å"fast food† and therefore maximizing the convenience of them to consumers. Most of the time, the products of the fast food industry are cheap, tasty and therefore have good value for the product. The existenceRead MoreFast Food Is Better Than Healthier Choices886 Words   |  4 Pageslife? The answer to this question is fast food. Just in the United States there are over 200,000 fast food companies that make over 190 billion dollars a year. Although millions of people consume fast food, what are they really eating? I believe that fast food, as well as most processed food, is a problem that often goes unnoticed. Fast food does have several benefits to people. The first one would be that it is quick. Sometimes it is impossible to make food at home if you are driving all day, workingRead MoreSugary Beverages and Junk Foods are Causing Obesity in Mexico775 Words   |  4 Pages According to Agricultural Organization and UN Food, Mexico’s adult obesity rates are above that of the United States, with an obesity rate of 32.8% compared to the 31.8%. Junk food and sugary drinks have caused these rate to rise, which makes them negative externalities of consumption, which the private benefits to consumers of a good are greater than the social benefits of its consumption, in other words the good creates spillover costs on a third party. A tax, payment made by an individual orRead MoreHow to Survive on the Paycheck of a Fastfood Worker Essay670 Words   |  3 Pagesof restaurants that beckon it’s beholders to become part of the great family that is the fast food industry. In fact, to t he common eye, the industry seems optimistic, a venue of opportunity – at least for the meanwhile – and an environment of simplistic means. Hardly ever do you hear about the costs of bearing the franchised uniform. Perhaps the largest threat to any employee behind the counter of a fast food restaurant is the paycheck. Thousands of workers struggle to survive on their minimal pay

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The Role Of Viewing The World With A Bigger Lens Rather...

It is easy to be blind to how different peoples lives are from each other. We are so fixed in our habits that we forget to think about how every one of our actions is influential to other individuals. As I have practiced thinking like a sociologist over the course of four months, I have practiced looking at the world with a bigger lens rather than my narrow-minded viewpoint. C. Wright Mills coined the term â€Å"the sociological imagination,† which is the importance of viewing the world as a whole and how everyone plays a part in it. We can not just rely on ourselves and our own experiences to know what the world is all about. Being the second youngest of eleven children certainly doesn’t seem normal, but the area I grew up in, my household†¦show more content†¦Wright Mills). Public issues, or things that have a much broader impact on society, such as the whole nation being in debt (C. Wright Mills), have never affected me personally because of my status withi n society, so I haven’t cared to look at those issues. Considering that St. Cloud is predominately white Catholics, one of these public issues in my hometown is the racism towards Somalians. In the past 10 years, the Somali population has grown significantly which has made racism more apparent in St. Cloud. As soon as the Somali population started to show more active roles in the community, the people of St. Cloud started to discriminate and insinuate that they were ruining the city. Once it was announced that the Muslim population would be building a new mosque, City Hall flooded with comments about how it would jam residential roads and foster terrorism (Du). My family is in the middle class, along with an estimated 33.9% of the population of St. Cloud (US Census Bureau). My social class has altered over the years as the situation in my household, such as children moving out and parents switching jobs, has changed. Eleven children in one household has played a significant role in whether my parents’ income was actually substantial. The average household in America has 2.63 people living in it (US Census Bureau).

Student Council and Council Speech Idea free essay sample

The fundamental question voters will have is: Is this person ready and eligible for the job? Answer those questions in my following student council speech idea top 10. 1. A simple welcome to all student voters is the start of your student council speech. It is fine to say: Hello all, Goodmorning, or Goodafternoon or Goodevening! 2. Introduce yourself briefly. Im from class . Not more for now. Blend more about you naturally in the flow of the speech presentation. Then immediately focus their attention on the main goal you are standing for. Use an understatement everybody will recognize, a situation suitable for improvement. . And make a pay-off: Thats why Im running for fill in the position you want to achieve. So, be clear, take position: I want to become student council president / vice president / secretary / student council treasurer. How to work out these student council speech ideas? Well: If it is your first student council election campaign, use an easy-to-remember oneline message to tell what your thoughts and views are on the position you want. If you go for a re-election, then the major student council speech idea has to be: state in one catchy phrase what your mission statement has been the past years and how you will continue your work. Now tell your audience what you think are common needs at campus that ought to be fulfilled right away. 7. Present the solution, draw the contours of the positive outcomes of the strides you want to take for them. Keep in mind that this is a brief and triggering summary of your objectives, most wanted achievements, plans, views and solutions in relation to to the needs of the voters. Consider them as the most important student council speech ideas you can think of. 8. Offer evidence why you are the best choice for the position. Avoid exageration of course. Educational qualifications. b. Outstanding personal qualities. c. Main accomplishments or special activities in high school, college or university. d. And the specific qualifications you can think of related to the position you strive for. E. g. Proven leadership in community volunteering is the right ticket to become student council president. 9. Conclude with this student council statement: invite all to communicate ideas the coming years. Just like you say: My door is always open. I will be in office to fight for your needs. I am always open to suggestions. Mail me or look me up on Facebook. I am looking forward to meeting you! Encourage the voters to visit your webpage if you have one and further inform theirselves as to why they should vote for you. 10. Refer to your introduction statement, conclude that you are suitable, just in one teasing slogan. Of course in such a way that they will remember your core student council speech idea. And: look and listen how your competitors are doing. Copy their success parts in your own words, improve them. Last year members of the Student Council did a great job by adjusting the academic schedule to our needs, organizing the clubs of national minority students and improving the living conditions in the hostel. However, I think that the Council needs some refreshment new representatives are to come in and reinforce the experience of the old ones by their enthusiasm. In my opinion, this new approach can be demonstrated by first-year students. I was authorized by the freshmen of our university to run for the student council representative. I guess they chose me because I was previously involved in high school council. To tell the truth, this political and leadership experience only stirred up my thirst for making the world a better place by showing the ways to do it. For example, our university is a wonderful place to study at, but still it needs some improvement: those who ride to the university by bicycle or on roller-skate would benefit, if the car movement were restricted on the campus territory. Those who live in the hostel would find their life easier, had there been a special bus connecting the hostel and the campus, so that they wont have to travel by two means of ransport twice a day. The senior students would have more time for finding a proper job, had their academic periods been scheduled for two days instead of five. To put it in a nutshell, there is a thousand other trifles that would make our university a sophisticated and comfortable place to study in. The slogan for my election campaign and as a representative of 2nd-year students I come out for bringing new energy and new enthusiasm to the student council. I am not going to convince you that I am the very best candidate for this position. I am only 18; I have quite a modest track record in the school council and participating in the cultural exchange programme for future leaders. I lack experience, but it is compensated by zeal, an unprejudiced new approach to old things. Furthermore, I am ready to work with gusto for your benefit. But I am not ambitious, and do not strive for authority for the sake of authority. If you elect another candidate, I will sincerely wish him all of successes in improvement of our students life for the better and continue my own struggle. But if you empower me with your confidence, I will do everything but the impossible to represent your interests and achieve our common goals and ideals. I am sure that our aims coincide we are all here to obtain education that will teach us how to make the world a slightly better place. If you empower me with your trust, we will start from solving local problems and making our university a little better place.

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Social Stratification Essays - Social Classes, Social Inequality

Jenna Compton Reaction Paper Sociology 101 Social stratification is how we rank people in society according totheir wealth, education, occupation and income. I believe we are categorized into different classes such as upper class, middle class, upper middle class, lower middle class, and lower class. In my society we can achieve a status, by getting a degree or working hard to move up in a position. In my Life I see social stratification within my family. Firstly,there are two incomes in by family, my father and my mother thus putting us in a higher position or rank.Often I see friends who come from single parent households andthey don?t have as much as I do. I would consider my friend?s lower-middle class and I upper middle class. Secondly, my parent?s as individuals both have high income which is also a way to designate social stratification. My boyfriend has one parent and he is one outof four children which makes money tighter However, in my familythere are only two children whic h makes more money to go around. I also see indicationsof social stratification in education because it effects your occupation and income. I am lucky enough that my family has enough money to send me to college, yetthere are friendsof mine who are even luckier than me who can afford private schools such as, Harvard, being able to afford this most likely putsthem in a higher classthen me. I believethere to be positive correlation between education and money Peopleoften will notice membersof a higher social stratification seem to have similar behaviors. Higher social classes have higher standardsof living. I see this when people come into eat at my restaurant, people who are rich act differently thanthe people who are middle class. Social stratification is categorized into many different groups. Stratification isoften determined by income, wealth, occupation and education. In today?s society we can achieve status by putting efforts into a job or special schooling, such as college. Ev eryday people can view distinctions between upper, middle and, lower class.

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cloning is morally wrong essays

cloning is morally wrong essays Cloning is an issue that touches upon the most profound ethical issues. If humans even consider cloning each other then they should revise what is morally and ethically right and wrong. The cloning of any species, whether its human or non-human is by all means wrong. Denmarks Minister of Research agrees to the idea of cloning, or at least starting the cloning experiments. By votes of 11 to 5, the pro side has won the argument for cloning research. According to The Lancet magazine, researchers are about to be ready to start cloning as soon as legalization is drawn up. I personally think that should there be a universally unethical act, it should be cloning. If we want to look for a clear reason to why we should not clone, we should apply this to our selves. Imagine if there is a clone of you 20 or 30 years from now? Doesnt that shake the idea of the self? Identity is then no longer valid. On top of all, according to most religions, cloning would interfere with the will of God. Creation of human beings is a natural process that God has blessed us with. Interfering with this natural cycle is just like telling God: NO! Some people do not believe in morality in the first place. Others do not believe in the existence of God either. To those people, the simplest reason to why we should not clone humans would be the great risk of producing deformed humans. Then those who would survive will have to live with a defect for the rest of their lives without a reason. Secondly, if technology is able to develop human organs in animals, then what would be the line between human and non human. As a conclusion, cloning is interfering with lifes natural cycle and is a morally incorrect process. I think humans should start thinking of what they are doing before taking action ...

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Self assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Self assessment - Essay Example As a child I observed numerous events in which a heated discussion boiled down to the ethnicity of the contenders. I was disappointed when I witnessed such incidents since I always had friends belonging to differing ethnicities and cultures. Perhaps the most significant of relationships that I have ever had are those that I have had with my friends. I have always had a tendency to feel comfortable with people regardless of their ethic and cultural backgrounds. As a result, my circle of friends has almost always constituted individuals hailing from a variety of cultures and ethnicities. As a result of my interaction with people belonging to varying cultures and ethnicities at a multiple age, I have learnt to adjust to differing ethnic backgrounds. Another example of this can be found in my personal relationships. I have never restricted myself to any particular race or ethnicity and I have never chosen to judge a person. However, I realize that this approach is my individual approach and others may not be as liberal towards their orientation of different ethnicities as I am. It would not be incorrect to state that this will be most prominent when I acquire a professional position and interact with people .belonging to varying ethnicities on a daily basis. The most meaningful relationships I have had in terms of the multi-cultural context are those that I have had with my teachers. My teachers, regardless of their and my ethnic background, have always chosen to treat me with respect and judge me only on the basis of my academic merit. My teachers never treated me any different than the way they treated my fellow classmates. I was always given a fair chance to participate in the social picture and this fairness always encouraged me to give every opportunity my most sincere commitment. I realize that it will not be easy for me to communicate effectively with the customers I interface with. While the difference in culture will not serve as a barrier

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Business or Transaction Cycle Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business or Transaction Cycle - Coursework Example Expenditure Cycle: The expenditure cycle is related to the gaining of premises, resources, or manufactured components and the use of labor to capitulate a finished product. Human Resources / Payroll Cycle: In a human resource cycle, there are 7 needs of a company. 1) Business needs 2) job competencies 3) the hiring process 4) Learning and development 5) performance assessment 6) continued learning and training 7) total rewards. Financing Cycle: In the financing cycle, the dependent industries are strongly affected by slump periods if situated in poor countries with poor financial facilities. General Ledger and Reporting Systems: General Ledger comprises all the fiscal accounts. Data Processing Cycles: It’s a sequence that consists of four stages and they’re as follows. 1) Collection 2) input 3) processing and storage 4) output. Source Documents: These are the original documents recorded with the bookkeeping entries. They can be either in written or printed form. Turnaround Documents: It is a document that is created by a computer to be used for the record entry. Once it has been generated by the computer, it is then filled in by the users and used to input the data back into the computer. Source data Automation: It’s a process of collecting the original data from their source. It eradicates the duplicate effort and the chance of possible error by gathering records in digital form. General Ledger: It comprises of all the fiscal accounts. Subsidiary Ledger: It shows the total balance of the general ledger account. Control Account: It shows the total of all amounts entered in the Subsidiary Ledger. Coding: The putting in order of replies into groups and the task of an exclusive arithmetical code to each reply proceeding to data entry. Sequence Code: It’s a three character code that identifies the order in which categories are shown or arranged. Block Code: It’s a fixed length code, unlike other codes.